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Save the BEES, Save the PLANET

We care about animals. All Animals, including the very smallest.  There are many reasons why we human beings want or need to conserve the wealth of species which share the planet with us, including insects, but most of these reasons can be grouped broadly as follows:

  • Our own survival and our economy depend on many of the species that share the planet with us
  • We get pleasure or a sense of fascination from wildlife
  • We recognise a moral responsibility to act as stewards, showing care and respect for other life forms

These are important reasons why we should want to conserve the diversity of life on Earth, but why should anyone be concerned about insects? One simple reason is that they make up about four fifths of all the animal biodiversity on Earth, with other invertebrates making up a large proportion of the remaining fifth. We could hardly pretend to be conservingbiodiversity if we were ignoring most of it, and yet in the past insects received less attention from conservationists than other groups, such as birds, which consists of far fewer species. 

Win a FREE Insect Hotel for your School

Send us your Insect or bird photo, to enter our competition.  We will provide the winner, with a School Sized Bug Hotel, which you can donate to your school, or keep in your own back garden or suitable place. (If you intend donating to the school, we advise you ask them before entering the competition).

To win the FREE Bug Hotel, simply send us your photo, or upload to our facebook page

Terms and Conditions:

The photo should have been taken within the last two years, by a child under 16yrs of age.

The image should be 800x600 or larger

The image should be taken in a public place, or your own property and should be copyright free.

Our Products

We create all manner of animal homes (insect overwintering, wild bird breeding boxes, wild mammal habitats and Pet homes)

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